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From maintenance of equipment to tillage




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The Landtechnic team offers

  • a wide range of
  • equipment,
  • professional service,
  • boring and surfacing works,
  • equipment rental
  • tillage services.

We know that as of today, the farmer has a wide demand for a range of equipment to cultivate the soil more efficiently, faster, easier and more profitably.

Agricultural machinery and the range of machines sold by Landtechnik are now very numerous and diverse, can be divided into main groups:

tillage equipment;
sowing equipment;
soil fertilization equipment;
harvesting equipment;
machinery for gardens, parks, vineyards.

The main items sold include: deep cultivators, reversible plows, disc harrows, cultivators, disc harrows, tractors, reapers, crop residue shredders, sowing equipment, balers, sprayers, mounted saws, forest mills, mulchers, mulchers, mulchers, mulchers mowers, etc ..

Landtechnik is the exclusive distributor of equipment from companies such as Suokone, Basak, Toscano, CoupEco, Ferri, etc.

Also, we offer a wide range of spare parts for imported agricultural machinery. Here you can buy spare parts for tractors, combines, as well as buy spare parts for other types of equipment: spare parts for seeders, cultivators, harrows, spare parts for plows, spare parts for shredders, etc. types of agricultural machinery from European and American manufacturers.

Here you can buy spare parts for self-propelled, trailed and mounted agricultural machinery, filters, fuels and lubricants from leading global manufacturers from warehouses in Ukraine and to order from Europe and America: Deutz -Fahr, Schulte, Kello-Bilt, Manitou, Lemken, Claas, Kubota et al.

We, LANDTECHNIK, strive for partnerships with our customers and offer not only a wide range of equipment, but also the services of a professional service, which will provide a full cycle of pre-sales training, warranty and post-warranty service.

Landtekhnik has its own production of components for machinery:

– buckets

– knives

– plastic products – screws, coils, bushings.

We perform boring and surfacing work to restore holes for equipment.

We will help to optimize your expenses, offering high-quality equipment with experience: used combines, tractors, telescopic loaders, reversible plows, balers, sowing units.

Husqvarna’s best garden tools: chainsaws, garden tractors, riders, trimmers, lawn mowers, cultivators, blowers, brushcutters, high cutters, consumables and materials, quality service.

Supporting companies and meeting the equipment needs of even large-scale holdings for almost 10 years, proves that Landtechnik is a reliable partner and guarantees you compliance with expectations in efficiency, speed of productivity of the company.

We are always happy to cooperate from consulting to purchasing and maintaining your equipment



Get a free consultation on the purchase or lease of agricultural machinery by calling us at 063 304 18 25 or using the form next to it.

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