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We provide deforestation services for overgrown gardens, fields, plantings in different regions of Ukraine.

The uprooting of land plots that were previously used for orchards, abandoned fields and plantings is made possible by the use of mulches, making it possible to recultivate agricultural land.

In the arsenal of the company is

мульчери Suokone, Schulte, Toscano

The use of equipment from recognized world manufacturers allows you to carry out uprooting work at a high level and in a timely manner.

If you have abandoned areas on the balance sheet that need high-quality deforestation, or want to increase the area of ​​the field for cultivation, then contacting Landtechnik specialists will receive a budget solution to your problems with high efficiency of service.

Mulchers used by Landtekhnik specialists are designed for mowing and shredding any type of vegetation from small shrubs and trees to corn stubble, sunflower, rapeseed, wheat.

Can be used for grinding green legumes (peas, beans, soybeans, lentils); grasses (alfalfa and clover), which in turn are organic fertilizers rich in nitrogen.

Qualitatively grinds not only dry, but also cheese, and green stubble of corn, sunflower, rape, wheat in one pass

When grinding high corn stubble creates a layer of mulch on the surface of the field, which perfectly absorbs and retains moisture

If you intend to expand your land plots, enrich them with nutrients, contact our specialists, who will promptly provide you with a calculation of services and perform work efficiently and in a short time.

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