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Telescopic loader
Manitou MLT 940 SL

Basic characteristics:

Boom lifting height: 9 m

Load capacity: 4,000 kg.

Year of issue: 2007

Complete set: bucket, pallet forks

Perkins brand
Model 1104D-E44TA
Power 91 kW
Maximum torque 490 Nm
At a speed of 1,400 rpm
Engine displacement 4.4 liters.

Operating weight 9,215 kg.
The volume of the fuel tank is 135 liters.
Volume of liquid of hydraulic system of 131 l.
Traction force 9898 kg.

Number of forward gears 4
Number of reverse gears 4
Top speed - forward 33.8 km / h

Pump capacity 150 l / min.
Pressure relief valve 27000 kPa

The maximum loading capacity is 4000 kg.
The maximum lifting height is 8970 mm.
Max. load at a maximum height of 3500 kg.
Maximum front boom reach 5320 mm.

Length to the back of the fork 5654 mm.
Width on tires 2420 mm.
Total height 2765 mm.
Wheelbase 2770 mm.
Road clearance 460 mm.

Manitou's Landtechnik

rental of special equipment

Landtechnik offers its customers services for renting Manitou special equipment. So here you can find: telescopic handlers with a variety of equipment.

All equipment is in working order, has undergone technical inspection and repair by qualified specialists. By renting equipment from Landtechnik, you can be sure of the reliability of the equipment and the quality of work performed.

Telescopic loader
Manitou MLT-X 735 T LSU

Basic characteristics:

Nominal load capacity: 3500 kg

Maximum lift height: 6.9 m

Maximum departure: 3.9 m

Transmission type: PowerShift

Engine: Perkins 1104D-44 TA

Power: 101 hp

Nominal load capacity 3,500 kg
The maximum lifting height is 6.9 m
Maximum flight 3.9 m
Bucket separation force 6825 daN / 7075 kg
Ground clearance 440 mm
Wheelbase (wheelbase) 2.81 m
Overall length to the carriage (with trailer) 4.79 m
Total width 2.4 m
The total width of the cabin is 0.98 m
Total height 2.3 m
Bucket tipping angle 134 °
Turning radius (outside the wheel) 3.86 m
Driving wheels (front / rear) 2/2
Steered wheels (front / rear) 2/2

Perkins engine brand
Ecological class of Stage III A engine
1104D-44 TA engine model
Number of cylinders - The volume of cylinders is 4 - 4400 cm³
Rated engine power / Power (kW) 101 Hp / 74.5 kW
Maximum torque / engine torque 410 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Traction force 8200 daN
Automatic radiator clogging system Standard

Transmission type torque converter
Powershuttle transmission
Number of gears (forward / backward) 4/4
The maximum speed of movement (can vary depending on the applied norms) is 35 km / h
Differential lock Limited friction differential on the front axle
Parking brake manual
Service brakes Oil-cooled multi-disc front and rear axle brakes

Hydraulic pump type Axial-piston pump with variable feed Load sensing
Hydraulic flow - Hydraulic pressure 108 l / min - 270 Bar
Flow Sharing distributor Standard

Hydraulic fluid tank capacity 135
Fuel tank capacity 120


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Free consultation

    Telescopic loader – indispensable equipment in construction, industry, agriculture, loading and unloading operations, road repairs.

    Loaders have a large capacity and high maneuverability. Equipped with buckets (grain, construction), pallet forks, etc. types of attachments.

    Therefore, this technique can be called unique, which can be used in various fields. Telescopic loaders are able to replace on the construction site almost the entire range of equipment needed for construction work:

    Transportation of building materials in containers or on pallets;
    Lifting structures for installation;
    Loading of bulk materials.


    Telescopic loaders are convenient to handle both bulk building materials and packed or placed in containers. The main technical characteristics of telescopic loaders are their maximum lifting height (boom departure) and load capacity.

    By renting equipment in our company you get:

    rent with driver;
    guarantee of continuous work;
    delivery of equipment in the specified term to any point of Ukraine;
    free repairs in case of breakage;
    hourly rate;
    equipment in excellent condition.

    Forklift rental conditions:

    The loader is provided with a driver.
    Rent on fuel of the customer (it is possible on fuel of the executor – at small volumes of works)
    Payment is made by cashless payment with VAT or without VAT.
    Delivery of the loader to the object is carried out at the expense of the customer. Possible at the expense of the contractor – depends on the amount of planned work
    The calculation of working time is carried out depending on the nature of the work performed and the specifics of the customer’s enterprise, but not less than 8 working hours per day during the entire rental period.
    The loader is delivered to the farm on prepayment or on the basis of a signed contract.
    The loader can be provided with various attachments
    Maintenance of loaders is performed by the Contractor
    The customer undertakes to provide accommodation and meals for the customer’s staff and storage of equipment (for long-term leases).

    Complex of performed works:

    earthworks (digging trenches and ditches, excavation);
    homestead planning;
    clearing the territory or loading garbage;
    carrying out high-altitude works on lifting platforms;
    the possibility of performing work indoors;
    installation – dismantling, loading – unloading.

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