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We offer profitable programs to solve financial problems

Do you choose equipment? For yourself personally or for the farm you own or work for?

Of course, you deserve the best! The Landtechnik team will help you with this and provide you with the most favorable conditions for the purchase of equipment, including the search for the best financing programs.

Leasing or credit for all types of agricultural machinery: tractors, attachments, loaders, new and used machinery of world-famous brands. Our financing programs allow you to make the best choice and purchase equipment according to your needs.

We work only with proven banks and leasing companies such as OschadBank, PrivatBank, Tekom Leasing, AlfaLeasing, Credolizing, OTP Leasing, ULF Leasing.

Reliability, comfortable service, flexible lending conditions and favorable leasing offers – all this is received by our clients on unique partnership terms.



Why us?

More than 12 years of experience in company development and product growth. Each of our product categories is the best products in terms of price / quality.

Landtekhnik is a unique official dealer of the leading market companies – Suokone, Basak, Cicoria, Toscano, CoupEco, Schulte, Kello-Biltta and others.

We understand that the main value of development is time, so we try to adjust all our products so that you can receive them just when it is most important.

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