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TOSCANO vertical milling cultivator of the average DFAT series

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    Basic features:

    Universal 3-point connection cat.2

    GDP – 3/8 ”Z6

    4-speed checkpoint, providing rotor speed from 195 to 437 rpm at PTO speed 540-750-1000 rpm

    The length of the hoe knives is 280 mm, the thickness is 12 mm

    The roller is hydraulically adjustable in level with anti-stick cleaners

    Toscano rotor protection system

    Protection system against jamming of rotors and jamming of stones and other objects

    Adjustable leveling bar

    Adjustment of a lateral protective cover

    Frontal protective shields

    & nbsp;

    Optional can be set (photo below)

    1. Seeder hitch
    2. Rippers
    3. Depreciated deep rippers
    4. Extended cultivator frame

    Hydraulic system for adjusting the level of the roller.



    The TOSCANO mid-range DFAT vertical milling cultivators are designed for tillage with the help of movable vertically mounted hoe knives without overturning the layer, which allows to retain moisture in the soil.

    This unit grinds, mixes, loosens and compacts the soil. Thereby creating optimal conditions for seed germination and development and ensures the growth of crop yields.

    TOSCANO cultivators can prepare soil for sowing cereals and industrial crops, vegetables and vineyards.

    The machine has a reliable and safe frame construction, has a working width of 2.5 – 4.0 m and works at a maximum depth of 30 cm.


    Thanks to the Additional equipment – a 3-point hitch that can be mounted on the cultivator, it is possible to aggregate the drill, which will allow for additional sowing operations in one pass.


    Advantages for the use of vertical milling cultivators TOSCANO medium series DFAT:

    Vertical rotors – tillage with vertical rotors gives a number of advantages in terms of quality of grinding and mixing, moisture retention in the soil
    Leveling and compaction of soil – uniform distribution of the crushed weight on all width of a rotor and its qualitative consolidation by a heavy roller
    Clear tillage depth adjustment – with the help of hydraulic cylinders on the support roller, we can clearly set the tillage depth. Which is very important for fields with a small layer of fertile soil.
    Hard, dry soils, stones, waterlogging – this machine is designed to work in harsh conditions in fields littered with stones or heavy dry soils. In the conditions of waterlogging these machines show high-quality processing and have protection of reducers from moisture.

    Quality of processing and fuel consumption – the four-stage check point allows to pick up optimally turns of rotors under necessary conditions for qualitative processing. Thereby optimize fuel consumption in this operation.


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