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Toscano mulcher SPST series

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    Basic features:

    Connection system International 3 Suspension CAT II

    Shaft with a diameter of 1 3/8 ” z6 with a hexagonal key and a protective shaft

    GDP 750 rpm;

    Gearbox that provides a rotor speed of 1900 rpm

    5 transmission belts; single point transmission group.

    21 cm tall; 10 mm thick; V knives.

    Front protection chains

    2 wheels with height adjustment

    External adjustable drive belts



    TOSCANO SPST series mulchers are designed for cutting and grinding crop residues of wheat, sunflower, corn, rapeseed in large areas and clearing abandoned areas.


    It is aggregated with tractors of 55-110 hp.

    Working width 2.3 – 3.1 m.

    Fuel consumption – 3-5 l / ha

    The machine is equipped with 2 support wheels
    The mulcher is equipped with support skis, which ensure a safe distance of the rotor and knives from the ground.

    Frontal protection – chains

    External regulation of the checkpoint


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