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Toscano IPST series deep cultivator

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    Basic features:

    Universal 3-point connection to the tractor cat. 2, 3

    The system of loosening wings

    2 ring-spur rollers

    Indicator of depth of work of the car

    Adjustment of depth of cultivation at the expense of the rolling roller

    Thickness of racks – 30 mm

    Overload protection system due to shear bolt.

    Optionally you can offer:

    Adjustable side guards

    Skating rink with two rows of corrugated discs


    Scope: TOSCANO IPST series deep cultivators are intended for tractors of small and average power (70-240 hp) with working depth – to 45 cm. In a model range of this series there are cars from 3 to 9 paws and width of capture from 1,8 up to 4.8 m. These machines carry out intensive loosening and cutting of cracks in the lower layers of the soil without turning the layer and intensively grind and mix the upper layers of the soil. A characteristic feature of these machines is that they require low-power tractors with a large depth of cultivation, which is achieved by an aggressive angle of the legs. The big distance between racks – 45 cm allows to work the unit on fields with any quantity of the vegetative remains without driving. Each rack is equipped with wings that additionally loosen the soil. Optimal tillage due to a double, hydraulically adjustable roller. This ripper: Provides fuel economy and higher efficiency compared to older machines. Mixing the soil retains moisture levels. Breaks down soil layers, supports vertical root growth for plants. Ventilates the soil and creates conditions for the accumulation of moisture in the soil


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