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Torque wrench 3/4 “150-800 Nm double KING TONY 34662-2DG installation

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Torque wrench 3/4 “150-800 NM King Tony (34662-2DG) is a hand-held metalwork tool for working with threaded connections. The tool is designed for fastening bolts, nuts, screws and other hardware with a given torque. dynamometer, which informs the user about reaching the limit of loud clicking.
Buy torque wrench King Tony 34662-2DG is advantageous for car service and production, construction and plumbing. The tool belongs to the class of precision instruments. The manufacturer recommends calibration of the key at least once a year.
Features of the King Tony 34662-2DG torque wrench
The tool is made of alloy steel. Housing coating – chrome. The handle is rubber. The compact size of the equipment allows the locksmith to work with the key in a confined space. The dynamometer adjustment scale is above the handle. This is convenient if you need to change the settings during operation without separating the key from the end head.
For the torque wrench, the manufacturer produces repair kits. For this model, the tool is suitable for the repair kit King Tony 34662-1DK.
Technical characteristics of the King Tony torque wrench (34662-2DG)
The size of the landing square under the end head – 3/4 “.
The ratchet mechanism has 24 teeth.
Rotation direction switch.
Working range of the dynamometer key – 150-800 Nanometers.
Adjustment step – 5 Nm.
Double installation.
Error – 3%.
The length of the torque wrench is 1234 mm.
The weight of the tool is 5600 grams.

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