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Torque wrench 1/2″ 70-340 Nm

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Torque wrench 1/2″, 70-340 Nm, case KING TONY 34423-2A. Torque wrench brand KING TONY is designed to control the tightening torque of fasteners of various units, devices and assemblies, according to the parameters specified in the technical data sheet of the product.


Connecting square: 1/2″
Ratchet mechanism: 24 teeth
Controlled tightening force: 70 to 340 Nm
Section pitch: 1 Nm
Key length overall: 570 mm.
Weight: 2400 grams


Torque wrench – 1 pc
Manufacturer’s passport – 1 pc.
Case – 1 pc.

Torque wrench 1/2” 70-340 Nm is a wrench with built-in torque control. A hand tool is used to secure fasteners with precisely defined reinforcement. In simple terms, the use of a torque wrench does not allow damage to the threaded connection elements. in automobile workshops and in production, in construction and everyday life.

Torque tolerance for tightening is within 4%. Torque wrench 1/2” 70-340 Nm is equipped with a double measurement scale: in Newtons and kilograms per meter. The tightening torque is set for tapping in both directions. The tool force regulator is locked with a screw for precise fixation. Scale division value – 1 Nm (or 0 1 kgm) The dynamometer uses a three-shield mechanism with 24 teeth.

Chromium and vanadium alloyed tool steel, from which the torque wrench 1/2” 70-340 Nm is made, provides users with reliability and durability in work. On the metal handle of the tools, a notch is applied, which makes it easy to use. with torque wrench.

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