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The key is combined 46 mm

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Combination wrench 46 mm – a locksmith’s hand tool for unscrewing or tightening nuts and bolts. It is in demand in car service and production, in everyday life and in construction. Feature of the combined key in versatility and convenience of operation. On one side of the 6-faceted mouth, on the other side of the tool – cap 12-faceted profile. Due to the special 15-degree bends of the key (relative to the handle), with the key it is easier to get to the mounts in a limited space.

Country of manufacture: Taiwan
Tool type: combination wrench, one-dimensional
Working size: metric, 46 mm
Material: alloy steel (chrome, vanadium)
Finishing: chrome plating, polishing
Total length of the key: 495 mm
Weight: 1515 grams

Number of combined keys in the package – 5, in boxes – 15 pieces.

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