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Syringe-supercharger of a consistence of greasing metric 400 cm cube. (Hard nozzle + Flexible hose)

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Syringe designed to inject thick grease through the grease nipples. It is used in the automotive, agricultural and other industries for lubrication of components and units of vehicles and equipment.

Lubrication is performed by injecting a small amount of lubricant with a plunger. Lubrication is supplied from the main capacity of the syringe, pre-filled with grease by hand or a special cartridge. The work is carried out with both hands – holding the body of the syringe with one hand, the other hand, pressing the lever, inject grease.


Syringe 1 pc
Hard nozzle 1 pc
Flexible hose 1 pc
Tip for oil press of 2 pieces

Length, mm 360
Volume for lubrication, ml 400
Nominal pressure, bar 310
Maximum pressure, bar 700
Thread hoses (tips) 10 mm x 1.0 mm
Weight, gr 1240

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