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Suokone MeriCrusher MJH series rotary cutter

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    Characteristics of the MJH series Suokone MeriCrusher rotary cutter


    MeriCrusher MJH / G series cutters are equipped with a rotor designed for operation in difficult conditions and are suitable for professional use. with tractors up to 400 hp, and are designed to work in conditions where the reliability and durability of equipment are paramount.

    Shredding stumps, branches, remnants of trees
    Preparation of transport and fire departments
    Preparation of sites for landing
    Leveling of forest roads
    Cleaning of vegetation and rhizomes



    – Clearing of agricultural lands near plantings

    – Planning of field and embankment roads

    – Deforestation of old gardens and vineyards

    – Reclamation and commissioning of land



    – Clearing construction sites from vegetation, stumps

    – Clearing of territories under power lines

    – Cleaning of sites before the division and planting of parks

    – Planning of embankment roads

    – Stripping roadsides of vegetation


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