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Suokone MeriCrusher MC-4 series rotary cutter

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    Характеристики фрези-ротоватора Suokone MeriCrusher серії MС-4


    MeriCrusher MC4 hydraulic cutters for various types of clearing work

    Hydraulic MeriCrusher MC4, which is used with excavators, demonstrates its versatility in operation with a maximum working depth of 200 mm. The modular design allows to carry out modernization of the equipment if necessary.

    Purpose of MS-4

    – removal of ice and snow from parking lots, paths

    – grinding of small stumps and branches

    – shredding of shoots and roots

    – cleaning and planning of green areas

    – clearing the land before sowing and planting crops and trees

    – planning of gravel roads and park sites

    – clearing roadsides of vegetation

    – cleaning of territories under power lines


    For universal use

    MeriCrusher MC4 series hydraulic cutters with gearless drive are designed for various types of clearing work. The hydraulic motor is mounted directly on the rotor, which simplifies and simplifies the design.

    MC4 is an ideal working tool for excavators weighing 10-25 tons. Operating in an environment where light weight and durability are paramount, the MeriCrusher MC4 hydraulic provides excellent grinding results thanks to STD and STE rotors equipped with economical carbide cutters. The combination of high rotor torque and light weight ensures minimal rotor acceleration time after stopping. Due to the low cutting speed, work near buildings and transport is safe compared to high-speed forestry. The direct drive motor allows you to rotate the rotor in both directions.


    STD rotor with economical conical carbide cutters for less abrasive but difficult conditions.

    STE rotor with economical conical carbide cutters. Or a new type of non-rotating cutters for more abrasive and difficult conditions. The STE rotor provides a wider choice of cutters.


    The rotator allows the operator to set the cutter to the desired operating position. Safe and versatile positioning reduces movement and makes work more efficient. Using the rotator, you can perform work when rocking or moving the arrow normally. Work is possible in narrower and more closed conditions, where the use of a stationary mounted crusher would be impossible or much more difficult.


    A large five-channel coupling with 1-inch rotating fittings ensures unobstructed oil flow to the engine.

    Hydraulic hoses are protected and allow full rotation of 360 degrees.

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