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Torque wrench 1/2 “42-210 Nm

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Torque wrench 1/2 ”42-210 Nm – a hand tool for tightening fasteners with a predetermined torque. the sound signaling about achievement of a limit. In the handles of the handle the mechanism fixing settings is built in. The dynamometer clave is delivered in a case.

The tool is in demand in car service and production. It is forbidden to use a torque wrench instead of a ratchet. After work, the manufacturer strongly recommends setting the tightening torque to zero so that the spring built into the handle does not stretch during prolonged storage.

Manufacturer: King Tony
Country of origin: Taiwan
Tool type: torque wrench, bidirectional
Landing: 1/2 “square
Material: alloy steel (chrome, vanadium)
Finishing: chrome plating, polishing
Scale: double (Nm and Cm / kgf)
Permissible error: 4% clockwise
Tightening force range: 42-210 Nm
Adjustment step: 1 Nm
Preliminary mechanism: 24 teeth (15 degrees)
Size: length 450 mm
Weight: 1340 grams

Number of torque wrenches in the package – 1, in the box – 12 pieces.

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