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Standard Toscano RTST series milling machine

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    Basic features:

    1. Universal 3-point connection
    2. Cardan shaft with protective bolt – 3/8 ”Z21
    3. Rotor checkpoint 540-750-1000 rpm Tractor GDP provides rotor speed in the range of 151-343 rpm
    4. High quality knives 8 mm thick
    5. Rolling Roller
    6. Adjust the position of the cat
    7. Powerful side reducers
    8. Rippers
    9. Protective plates
    10. 6 knives on the flange



    TOSCANO soil tiller allows you to grind plant residues as efficiently as possible and prepare the soil for sowing.


    The cutter grinds and loosens the soil, mixes organic residues and the roller compacts the soil, which creates optimal conditions for seed germination.

    Robust housing, side reducers, increased rotor speed, calculated working angles of the hoe – all these are the competitive advantages of Toscano soil mills.

    This unit is used for:

    – loosening the soil surface up to 27 cm;

    – leveling and compaction of the area;

    – grinding of plant residues and mixing of soil with organic fertilizers

    These machines are heavy tillage machines designed for basic and pre-sowing tillage, as well as for the development of virgin land, can cultivate soil up to 30 cm

    TOSCANO soil tillers allow to develop well the soil that provides effective development of root system of plants and increases their productivity by 10-15%


    These machines can be completed:

    – tractor track rippers;

    – different types of cats;

    – a hitch for aggregation with a seeder;

    – hydraulic roller control system


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