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Set of keys of a combi of 26 pieces. (6-32 mm) TREOTON

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The complete set of this set consists of the sizes which are most often used both in car mechanic’s workshop, and at application in a life. The case, which contains the keys, is easy to store, placing the set in the workplace – on the wall, tool stand or machine, you will always be able to choose the key you need at the moment.
Combination wrenches, series 1060 (size x length): 6 x 105 mm, 7 x 115 mm, 8 x 125 mm, 9 x 135 mm, 10 x 145 mm, 11 x 155 mm, 12 x 165 mm, 13 x 175 mm , 14 x 185 mm, 15 x 195 mm, 16 x 205 mm, 17 x 215 mm, 18 x 225 mm, 19 x 235 mm, 20 x 245 mm, 21 x 255 mm, 22 x 265 mm, 23 x 275 mm , 24 x 285 mm, 25 x 295 mm, 26 x 305 mm, 27 x 315 mm, 28 x 325 mm, 29 x 335 mm, 30 x 345 mm, 32 x 365 mm
Number of keys: 26 pcs
Weight: 5.85 kg

Set of keys of a combi of 26 pieces. (6-32 mm) TREOTON – a professional hand tool for working with threaded connections. The kit is in demand in car service, construction, manufacturing and manufacturing. The complete set of the set includes all keys with a size from 6 to 32 mm, without skipping line sizes.

To work with limited access, the manufacturer has made a special case of bending at 15 degrees, between the cap and the open-end wrench. In cap keys 12-faceted profile. For convenience of transportation or storage keys are delivered in the protected case from Tetoron. Flat material is resistant to aggressive environments: acids, solvents, alkalis or fuels. The case for storage of tools is easily folded or hung up on a wall, thanks to existence of special fastenings.

A set of 26 combi wrenches is made of alloy tool steel by hot forging. Chromium added to the metal composition improves the strength of the tool and prevents corrosion of the metal. The alloying component of vanadium provides rigidity of metal, and also resistance to deformation and an exit.

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