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Set of keys of a combi 15 ave. (6-32 mm) cover with tetoron

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The composition of the set
The keys are combined, 1060 series
(size x length) 6 x 105 mm
7 x 115 mm
8 x 125 mm
10 x 145 mm
11 x 155 mm
12 x 165 mm
13 x 175 mm
14 x 185 mm
17 x 215 mm
19 x 235 mm
22 x 265 mm
24 x 285 mm
27 x 315 mm
30 x 345 mm
32 x 365 mm


• Special 15 ° bend allows you to work in places with limited access to the mount.
• It is possible to help to choose a cap and a horn part for fastening both with an end face, and from the party, depending on places where works are carried out.
• The 12-tiger profile of a cap part is universal in work with heads of bolts or nuts of both 6, and 12-tiger profile.
• The keys are housed in a previous and secure case made of tetoron, each key in its cell under the appropriate size. Placed set in the workplace, you will always be able to quickly select the key that is needed at the moment.
• Special studies in the case, designed for hanging the kit in the workplace – on the walls, a special tool stand or machine.

• Keys are designed to work in industrial conditions
• Made by hot forging
• Chromium-vanadium alloy
• Keys housed in a sturdy and secure tetoron housing
• Special eyelets in the case, designed for hanging the set in the workplace – on the walls, a special tool stand, machine, etc.

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