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Scale dovorotny (indicator type) 3/4 “X 3/4” KING TONY 34660

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Measuring angle meter 3/4 “X 3/4” KINGTONY 34660

Turning scale (indicator type) 3/4 “X 3/4” – a hand tool for precise tightening of threaded connections. The device is used in conjunction with a torque wrench, and also helps to tighten nuts and bolts within the fluidity of the metal. The need is caused by the need to maintain the integrity of the threaded connection under dynamic loads. The rotary scale is used in car service. The cylinder head, suspension elements and chassis are always assembled with a similar tool.

The scale of turn (indicator type) 3/4 “X 3/4” is easy to use. The device acts as an adapter for a 3/4 ”socket wrench. The next one manually sets the scale of the measuring instrument to zero and turns on the key in the zero direction, focusing on the indicators of the dials. Engraving does not burn out in the sun and is protected from dirt and grease.

The professional tool is made of alloyed tool steel. The scale of reversal, if used correctly, will last for decades. The device is accompanied by a quality certificate and an official guarantee of the manufacturer.
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