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Rotary mower, SCHULTE mulcher of the FX-520 series

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    Basic features:

    Working width: 6.1 m

    Tractor power: from 100 hp

    Cutting height – 16-445 mm

    The maximum diameter of a cut – to 51 mm

    Overlap of knives – 153 mm

    Transport width and height – 2.6 / 3.05 meters

    Weight – 2960 kg


    The Schulte FX-520 rotary mower has a working width of 6 m and is designed for mowing and chopping any type of vegetation from corn stubble, sunflower, rapeseed, wheat to small shrubs and trees.

    Can be used for grinding green legumes (peas, beans, soybeans, lentils); grasses (vetch, rank, alfalfa and clover), which in turn are organic fertilizers rich in nitrogen.

    The machine can be equipped with two types of rotors – plates and beams. Which are designed for efficient and fast grinding of different masses in different fields and reliefs.

    Qualitatively grinds not only dry, but also cheese, and green stubble of corn, sunflower, rape, wheat in one pass


    Main Technical characteristics of Schulte FX-520:

    The complex design of the machine provides transport dimensions of 2.6 m with a working width of 6.1 m.

    The system of drive shafts and reducers includes the main junction box with a capacity of 260 hp. and working angular reducers on rotors with a capacity of 225 hp Which gives a double margin of reliability of the machine when working in extremely difficult conditions.

    This SCHULTE FX-520 mulcher with vertical rotor placement has a dome-shaped section design, which avoids excessive machine weight compared to competitors, increases the structural rigidity of the frame and reduces debris accumulation and prevents rust from moisture.

    Thanks to the adjustable deflectors near the rotors allows you to change the flow of material and thus achieves optimal grinding and the most uniform distribution of mulch on the field surface.

    New patented SCHULTE replaceable rotor ring.

    The Speed ​​Leveling system allows you to quickly and synchronously change the level of the machine relative to the field surface at the level of the support wheels (rear) and the drawbar connection to the tractor (front)


    The speed of rotation of the knives is 4,869 m / s. and the optimal angle of inclination of the working surface of the knife to the stubble allows to increase the productivity of the machine, improve grinding and weight distribution across the entire width.


    Advantages of using the Schulte FX-520 mulcher:

    High-quality grinding of dry, raw and green mass of corn, sunflower, rapeseed, wheat and other crops in one pass. Ability to work in late autumn and early spring on moist soil
    With the help of a unique 2-rotor design of the mulcher wing, the load on the working bodies is reduced
    On the mulcher the inclined design of the back part of the case by means of which characteristics of a stream and distribution of the cut vegetative material improve is realized
    The machine breaks the stalk of corn at the place of cutting with a reaper, which allows you to turn on the process of rot of this stalk in winter and prevents infection of the stem field with a butterfly. The butterfly dies in crushed corn stalks under the influence of: precipitation, wind, frost.
    Reduces soil preparation time due to high productivity
    Reduction of energy consumption for soil preparation for sowing after sunflower and corn;
    Improving the efficiency of applied fertilizers;
    Thanks to deflectors the maximum uniformity of distribution of the crushed weight on a field surface is reached.
    Drive gearboxes for 260 and 210 hp allow you to work stably and for a long time in extremely difficult conditions.
    The dome-shaped body provides strength and durability, while reducing the risk of burning plant residues and reduces corrosion
    Double protection of cardan shafts and reducers – friction couplings and cut bolts on fixed knives
    The minimum width of transportation is 2.52 m.
    The use of fixed knife technology allows you to better cut, grind, and distribute the crushed mass across the width of the grip.
    The unique Schulte cardan transmission layout provides independent clutch protection for each rotor
    Support adjustable wheels allow to carry out works on a relief ground, copying roughnesses.


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