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Pneumatic wrench 1/2 “881 Nm

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Pneumatic wrench 1/2 “881 Nm KingTony 33411-050
Exhaust air through the handle
The case from an aluminum alloy
Nickel-chrome-molybdenum sting
Power regulator
Rotation speed: 8000 rpm
Inlet diameter: 1/4 ”
Required hose diameter: 3/8 ”
Inner diameter of hoses, mm: 10
Square size 1/2 ”
Maximum gain 881 Nm.
Weight 2.6 kg
Total length 187
Air consumption 113 liters. / Min.
Pressure 6.2 Bar
Manufacturer: KINGTONY

A compact pneumatic wrench in an aluminum alloy housing will be useful at home. Economical air consumption of 113 liters per minute and a capacity of 881 Nm – the main criteria when choosing an inexpensive hand tool in the budget class.
The possibility of a wrench is regulated by a switch located on the housing of the device. Air supply and exhaust is through the tool handle. The durable spindle, cast in alloy steel, rotates at 8,000 rpm. The hand tool demonstrates acceptable performance in working with threaded connections. “

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