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MeriCrusher MJS-G series rotary cutter

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    Characteristics of the MJS-G series Suokone MeriCrusher rotary cutter

    Areas of application:

    Finnish rotary cutters Suokone MeriCrushers of the MJS-G series are intended for processing of soil surfaces in agriculture, forestry, construction, municipal services.

    The MJS-G series cutters have a strong and light construction.

    The power drive is carried out by means of a gear transmission and a safety coupling POC. The rotor has strong carbide cutters and UNT cutter holders.

    A variant of a complete set of a mill with a special rotor for peat is possible


    – Shredding of stumps, branches after felling

    – Preparation of sites for landing

    – Maintenance of forest roads

    – Stripping of vegetation in transport and fire-fighting clearings



    – Clearing of agricultural lands near plantings

    – Planning of field and embankment roads

    – Deforestation of old gardens and vineyards

    – Reclamation and commissioning of land



    – Clearing construction sites from vegetation, stumps

    – Clearing of territories under power lines

    – Cleaning of sites before the division and planting of parks

    – Planning of embankment roads

    – Stripping roadsides of vegetation


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