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MeriCrusher MJS-G series rotary cutter – Hidraulic

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    Characteristics of the MJS-G series Suokone MeriCrusher rotary cutter

    BASE MACHINE c / w ROTOR UNT-19 T25 (number of cutters) – 72 pcs
    High pressure hydraulic transmission with planetary gear
    Rear roller, standard, hydraulically adjustable
    Rear protective plate, mechanically adjustable
    Front protection plate, mechanically adjustable
    Felled beam, mechanically adjustable


    MeriCrusher MJS / G series hydraulic cutters, designed for installation on compact or crawler loaders, as well as side loaders, are ideal for clearing forest and other land, milling stumps, clearing construction sites, for construction and maintenance. which require reliable equipment that provides deep milling of the soil.

    The maximum working depth of MeriCrusher mills of the MJS / G series equipped with powerful G-series reducers makes 250 mm.

    The cutters have a modular design that allows you to change and upgrade equipment according to customer requirements.


    – Shredding of stumps, branches after felling

    – Preparation of sites for landing

    – Maintenance of forest roads

    – Stripping of vegetation in transport and fire-fighting clearings



    – Clearing of agricultural lands near plantings

    – Planning of field and embankment roads

    – Deforestation of old gardens and vineyards

    – Reclamation and commissioning of land



    – Clearing construction sites from vegetation, stumps

    – Clearing of territories under power lines

    – Cleaning of sites before the division and planting of parks

    – Planning of embankment roads

    – Stripping roadsides of vegetation


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