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MeriCrusher MJ series rotary cutter

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    Characteristics of the MJ series Suokone MeriCrusher rotary cutter

    Rotary cutter Suokone MeriCrusher of the MJ series

    VERSION OPTIONS MeriCrusher rotary cutter MJ series

    Basic equipment:

    • Anti-cutting knife on bolts
    • Hardox frame
    • Rotor with carbide cutters
    • Ability to change the direction of rotor movement


    • POC – safety coupling with pressure regulation (patented SUOKONE)
    • Felled beam (hydraulic)
    • Rear roller (hydraulic)
    • Protective plate (fixed in front)
    • Hydraulic upper link

    MeriCrusher MJ series cutter, designed for different types of work. The light and strong design of mills of the MJ series allows to install them on any tractors up to 150 hp. MeriCrusher MJ series cutters are designed to work in conditions where the reliability and maneuverability of the equipment are of paramount importance, and the use of the STD rotor allows you to achieve excellent results. Power is transmitted to the rotor by one or two 2-row chain drives with constant overload protection thanks to a safety clutch equipped with either a friction disc or a patented POC hydraulic safety clutch developed by Suokone.

    STD rotor with economical conical cutters made of hard alloys for difficult operating conditions.

    STE rotor with inexpensive carbide cutters, they are either conical or fixed blades. For difficult conditions and increased wear.


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