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Large packaging baler Cicoria HD series

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    Features of the Cicoria HD Series Large Packaging Baler


    Italian manufacturer Cicoria offers large-packed balers to meet the different requirements of farmers. The Cicoria high-capacity baler is designed to pick up and press into large bales up to 440 kg of straw and crop residues from various crops, such as corn, sunflower, rapeseed, peas and others.

    The competitive advantage of this series is that low power tractors are required to work with these large balers. Up to 80 hp of GDP. Based on the design features of the machine.

    This machine has a system for cleaning knitting mechanisms with fans.

    Number of knitting mechanisms – 4-6

    Section of the inclined chamber – 800 x 700; 1200 x 700 mm

    These machines are popular on farms with developed livestock.

    Cicoria balers have a number of competitive advantages

    Reliable construction of high quality steels – WELDOX, HARDOX
    Ability to pack heavy bales with less tractor power. Compression force 18,000 kg
    Up to 80 hp on the GDP of the tractor
    Camera without guide rollers
    Progressive system for loading the receiving camera from above
    Long boot channel
    Reliable knotting mechanisms of 6 pieces.
    Wide sorter
    Bale length up to 2 meters
    Productivity up to 80 bales / h – 35 t / h
    Bale weight 210-440 kg


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