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    Basic features:

    Frame: Reinforced 15.24 x 10.16 x 0.95 cm made of high-strength steel.

    Bearings: In the oil bath, tapered Timken.

    Seal protection : Duo-Cone and powerful forged body.

    Axis: 54 mm, made of hardened high-strength alloy steel.

    Coils : 26.67 cm steel “Torsion Bell” to provide tension to the discs in the battery.

    Wheels: 8mm x 660mm Chamomile, or wavy Labrador 8mm x 770mm.

    Wheels: Implement class, mounting – 8 bolts.

    Hydraulics: 127 mm diameter hydraulic storage cylinders.


    The Kello-Bilt TSW series disc harrows are designed for agriculture using modern technology of disking large areas of land in the most difficult conditions.
    These machines are designed for deep – up to 20 cm cultivation of land – grinding, mixing, development of virgin lands.
    A distinctive feature of Kello-Bilt disc harrows is the use of bearing units with TIMKEN® tapered roller bearings placed in an oil bath. Using this technology, Kello-Bilt has multiplied the service life of bearings and now you do not need to constantly check for oil and wear.
    The super-powerful frame construction of the harrow ensures its long-term operation with minimal maintenance


    Competitive advantages of KELO-BILT TSW series disc harrows

    Hubs. KELO-BILT harrows are equipped with heavy-duty hubs that are used in railway transport and quarries.
    Disks. The sizes of disks from 610 to 910 mm can be – smooth, camomiles, wavy (LABRADOR).
    Coils. A design feature of KELO-BILT coils is that disc coils, such as “spiral cone” have different hub diameters on the sides. That allows you to rigidly lock the disk in the battery while driving.
    Locking pin. The battery locking system includes a corkscrew which prevents the batteries from shifting during sudden overloads on the inside.
    Gaskets. All seals are made under the DuoCone brand, which is designed for heavy-duty excavator equipment. Which makes it possible to ensure the tightness of the bearing assembly in any conditions
    Pole. Kello-Bilt is the only company to have implemented the two-bar drawbar concept, which allows the unit to be centered during transport and in the field, as in two independent modes.
    Frame The frame of Kello-Bilt equipment is made of high quality steel. It is welded and reinforced at critical points. The reliability of this frame is confirmed by decades of use of these harrows around the world.
    The beam and the bearing rack are made in the form of a single welded unit, which adds strength and rigidity to the frame.
    Axis. Made of high quality tensile steel alloy. The Kello-Bilt axle has a large diameter of 54 mm, which allows you to securely fasten the batteries, minimize wear, and ensure long-term operation.
    The angle of attack is fixed, which minimizes blade wear and maximizes efficiency.
    Rubber. High-quality HIGHWAY tires are installed on all Kello-Bilt harrows for longer service life and added transport safety.
    Warehousing system. Thanks to the powerful 128 mm hydraulic cylinders and the minimum number of parts of the complex Kello-Bilt mechanism, these harrows are simple, efficient and reliable.


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