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Interrow cultivator with introduction of TOSCANO fertilizers of the YCAY, KTYCAY, KTYCPC series

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    Basic features:

    Universal 3-point connection

    Disks for protection of plants

    Lock mode

    Height-adjustable wheels

    Spring-loaded rack

    Such equipment can be added as an option (photo)

    Container for dry mineral fertilizers

    Weeding system

    Plow for furrow

    Rolling rink



    The TOSCANO YCAY, KTYCAY, KTYCPC series row row cultivator is designed for loosening the soil, destroying weeds and applying dry mineral fertilizers to the rows of industrial crops, such as beets, sunflowers, corn, cotton, others, tomatoes, soybeans and soybeans.

    This cultivator, in addition to destroying weeds, improves aeration in the soil between rows, which allows the roots of plants to better absorb all the necessary elements and water from the soil.

    In this machine it is possible to adjust the depth of cultivation, the width of the row spacing and the distance between the rows.

    An additional tank for fertilizers provides the possibility of simultaneous application of dry mineral fertilizers in the aisles.

    The complete set of cars of 2-12 lines, difficult and on a continuous frame is possible.



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