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Inter-row milling cultivator TOSCANO series FCAY, FCYT, FCPC

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    Features of the Serrat FX T-2300 mulcher

    Forest concept rotor with fixed teeth made of tungsten carbide or with movable hammers rotating 360 °

    Gearbox with overrunning clutch of the rotor to reduce the load on the transmission.

    The rotor of POLSER + with a diameter of 550 mm is included.

    Frame made of high-strength steel, thickness 10 mm

    POLSER + rotor, 550 mm in diameter.

    SERRAT reducer.

    3/4 drive belt XPC.

    Forged hammers (optional – fixed hammers with tungsten plate or DRR blades).

    Front protective plate.

    GDP 1000 rpm

    Anti-conduction system on the rotor.

    Steel cutting plates.


    For tractors with a capacity of 80 to 150 hp Adapted for MTZ-1221.


    TOSCANO interrow milling cultivators of the FCAY, FCYT, FCPC, FCPC, EKFC, KTFCAC series are intended for milling between rows of plants at classical technology, for milling on rows for the STRIP-TILL technology, cultivation of vegetables, berries.

    Crops such as beets, sunflowers, corn, cotton, tomatoes, soybeans, all berry crops. It destroys weeds that grow between rows and also loosens the soil in rows before sowing. In addition, the cultivator improves aeration in the soil, creating favorable plant roots for the absorption of all necessary substances and moisture.

    This cultivator can be used with a row spacing of 40-90 cm with the ability to adjust the row spacing as needed on the farm.

    This machine provides an organic alternative to inter-row crop treatment compared to chemicals that are widely used in weed control.

    The additional tank for fertilizers gives the chance of simultaneous with cultivation of entering of dry mineral fertilizers in interrows.


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