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Hinged saw COUPECO Meteor T90

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Saws: 600 mm / 23.6 ”, 96 teeth; width 3.5 mm / 0.14 ”;

Grip width: 1500 mm.

Weight: 340 kg.

Pump capacity: 45 l / min.

Pump pressure: 170 bar.

Rotation speed: 2000 rpm

Transmission: V-belt

Trimming height: 200 mm

Rear and front protective covers

Overall dimensions for transportation: 2250х900

COUPECO Meteor T90R (France) – universal attachments for pruning trees and shrubs. It is aggregated with all types of telescopic loaders and is completely adapted to their technical requirements. Specially designed for work at high altitudes. Has a high cutting ability. The angle of the dust can be adjusted. Due to the high quality of the metal, large diameter (500 mm), high speeds of dust (2000 rpm) and dust overlap, this equipment is able to cut branches up to 20 cm in diameter.

COUPECO is a world leader in the production of attachments for pruning trees, shrubs, vineyards, gardens, various types of greenery.

The Meteor model range can be used for pruning large trees up to 20 m high. It can be equipped with various types of telescopic carts, mechanical shovels, wheel loaders, etc. Equipment services. The offered cutting tools are ideally suited for care of roadsides, edges of forest roads and roadsides. The number of blades varies depending on the use.

The Meteor range is specially designed to work in an environment.
For care of a hedge by means of a multi-blade knife up to 3,65 m long or at cutting of edges to 40 cm +.
It is suitable for wheeled or crawler excavators with hydraulic drive from the carrier and control in the cabin.
The kinematics of the blade in combination with the articulation of the cutting head make it a tool for any situation.
The height of the cut directly depends on the load capacity of the excavator boom.


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