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Hinged saw COUPECO Meteor P90 Series

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Control by means of electro-hydraulic valves with control of an air stream and pressure

Saw position adjustment (hydraulic-angular deviation +/- 110 *)

Pump capacity: 45 l / min.

Pump pressure: 150 bar.

Rotation speed: 2500 rpm

Transmission: V-belt

Trimming height: 200 mm Various options of cutting heads (quantity, diameter)

Adaptation to all types of excavators

Easy remote control

Three hydraulic cylinders to adjust the position of the cutting head

Drive hydraulic motor with adapter

COUPECO Meteor P90 (France) – universal attachments for pruning trees and shrubs. It is aggregated with excavators, telescopic and front loaders and is capable of performing heavy work at high altitudes.

The French company COUPECO is the market leader in tree pruning machines. This equipment is used for crown formation in gardens, tree pruning in forest plantations, forests. The company’s product line includes equipment that is aggregated with a wide range of equipment – excavators, telescopic loaders, tractors, wheel loaders, trailed equipment.

Increasing the intensity of agricultural production in Ukraine requires maximum efficiency of land use in circulation. A global problem for farmers today is a significant reduction in leased land due to “attacks” of forest plantations and forests on cultivated land, roads, yards. No less important is the care of gardens, vineyards and other plantations.

To solve this kind of problem, Landtechnik offers you Coupeco equipment.


The series of machines is designed for work at height and has great cutting ability. It adapts to different types of machines, such as telescopic handlers, excavators, wheel loaders, etc.

COUPECO Meteor P series

This series is aggregated with excavators and is able to perform complex work at height. It can be completed with working bodies from 2 saws with a diameter of 900 mm. up to 5 saws with a diameter of 700 mm


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