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Garden mill of Toscano of the RTBTS series

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    Basic features:

    1. Universal 3-point connection
    2. Cardan shaft with protective bolt – 3/8 ”Z21
    3. Rotor checkpoint 540 rpm Tractor GDP provides rotor speed within 170 rpm
    4. High quality knives 7 cm thick
    5. Adjustable back plate
    6. 6 knives on each flange, 3 knives on the extreme flanges
    7. Powerful gear reducers



    The garden mill of TOSCANO of the RTBTS series is intended for processing of the soil between rows of gardens, vineyards.


    The cutter grinds and loosens the soil, mixes organic residues, branches. Robust housing, side reducers, increased rotor speed, calculated working angles of the hoe – all these are the competitive advantages of Toscano soil mills.

    This unit is used for:

    – loosening the soil surface up to 20 cm;

    – leveling the area;

    – grinding of plant remains, branches and mixing of soil with organic fertilizers

    These machines are light soil tillers and are designed to work in rows of perennials.


    Are aggregated with tractors of 45-80 hp.


    These machines have a protective shield, which performs the function of leveling and planning the crushed mass.


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