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Forest mulcher Serrat FX +

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Chassis with wear-resistant plates 10 mm thick.

POLSER + rotor with a diameter of 550 mm.

Group with built-in running wheel.

Side belt drive 2×3 XPC.

Retractable hammers or carbide fixed tooth.

Steel bearings of rotor bearings.

Rolling bearings are two-row roller.

Front protective curtain.

Hydraulic shock chiller.

GDP 1000 rpm

Counter hammers made of steel.

Roller skates.

Anti-wiring system in the rotor.

Internal chassis reinforcement.

Hydraulic rear door.

Compact strap-case.

The third hydraulic point.

The mulcher is suitable for all types of tractors from 120 to 230 hp.

It is used for crushing mountains and areas, thinning, pruning cords, cleaning lines, opening passages, adding organic matter to the soil.

The Serrat hammer is designed for logging equipment and is equipped with a POLSER + rotor with a diameter of 550 mm.

Hooks: fixed and movable.

The POLSER + rotor is made of sheet iron with a high degree of elasticity and is mounted mechanically. This rotor is designed and built on the technology of polygonal sections SERRAT. The movable type of hammer allows it to rotate around its axis by 360º. The structural rigidity of the system prevents deformation of the rotor in accidents, while achieving strength and flexibility. The quarrel is made in places protected from friction with the ground to avoid premature wear. Internal discs are also included to strengthen the axle. The base of the hammer is 80 mm, compared to the standard, the base of which is 60 mm. this difference prevents problems with oscillations on the rod, thus achieving high stability of the hammer.

Fixe Top system: a fixed hammer cutting system with a tungsten plate, which is characterized by a clamping screw that does not support the tooth; they fix it only so that it does not go in the lateral direction. Due to the work, the effort neutralizes itself inside the teeth between the hammer and the support.

This mulcher has a special rotor with knives that are easier to cut and require less power when working in areas without stones.

Hidrahelp is a hydraulic starter system for machines with heavy rotors, GDP without ignition modulation and front GDP.


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