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Forest mulcher Serrat FX-3 T-1600

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    Features of the Serrat FX-3 T-1600 mulcher

    Frame made of high-strength steel, thickness 8 mm.

    POLSER rotor with a diameter of 470 mm.

    SERRAT reducer.

    3 XPC drive belts.

    Forged hammers

    Front protective plate.

    GDP 540 rpm

    Anti-conduction system on the rotor.

    Steel counter-cutting plates.


    Hydraulic back plate.


    For tractors from 75 to 100 hp Adapted for MTZ-82.


    mulching branches and shoots,
    preparation of the territory for management,
    creation of barrier strips against forest fires,

    improvement of parks, removal of trees along the roadsides, etc.


    Serrat mulchers are used for shredding trees up to 18 cm in diameter, shrubs, stumps, etc. Trees are covered with a special bumper (felling frame). The GDP of the tractor through the belt drive rotates the rotor of the mulcher (speed of rotation exceeds 2000 rpm), Due to this, the knives of the mulcher grind fallen trees and shrubs into small chips.



    Hydraulic shift
    Mechanically pushing frame
    Overtaking coupling between gearbox and belts
    Overrunning clutch on the cardan shaft



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