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Folding harrow with independent Toscano GBBK-A series discs

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    Basic features:

    2-terminal connection system

    Rubber connection points; in each connection on 4 rubbers;

    Standard disk size 51 cm;

    Pipe roller (2 pieces);

    Adjustable hydraulic roller piston;

    Plate coating;

    32-36-40-44-48 discs


    The disc harrow treats the soil surface without affecting the deeper layers. Destroys weeds, destroys lumps and prepares the bed for planting. Recycles plant waste after harvest. Also mixes mineral fertilizer with soil.


    Works on the soil surface, saves fuel and time.

    Usually used on soils pre-treated with a plow.

    Can also be used to destroy stubble, weeds and plant waste. It is also used to mix fertilizer with soil


    Steel DISCS

    Heat-treated disks 6 mm thick.


    Tillage is done without the use of discs, which provides a smooth surface.

    Strong BELT

    Sturdy strap kit that holds the discs.


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