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FERRI TP610 Classic hydraulic mower

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Maximum horizontal extension

Tractor power

Min. tractor weight

Min. tractor width

Machine weight

Rotor power

Power of hydraulic system

Head angle

Max. slice diameter

5.82 m

70 ÷ 90 hp

3200 kg

2.20 m

915 – 950 kg

35 hp

45 hp

190 °

30 cm

Mower on the manipulator – one of the main types of attachments used by road workers in the summer. Aggregation of manipulator mowers is carried out on tractors of all classification line – from 0,6 to 6. The most widespread tractors for work with the manipulator mower at road workers are “Belarus 82.1”, “Belarus +1221”. This model is also ideal for tall grass.

The saws on the FERRI manipulator include in their model range the widest range of saws with a range of 2.7 to 12.1 meters, which allows each consumer to buy a saw that fits the available volumes.

Time-tested mower manipulator for Belarus 82 and Belarus 1221 tractors, as well as any tractor with a capacity of 80 and up to 130 hp. complete with three-point attachment. With the help of the mower with the FERRY TP manipulator it is possible to carry out work on a mowing of a grass and a bush in hard-to-reach places, for example behind a fence near roads, and also aqueducts.


A) The feeling of grinding grass.

B) The meaning of shredding bushes.


Rollover prevention device: greater safety when using the brush cutter in positions close to the vertical.


Hydropneumatic suspension on the 1st lever with a nitrogen battery.


Frame with compensated distributed forces.

Due to the special efforts of brushcutter frames during operation, Ferry has developed a new frame concept called DELTA BOX. It consists of two walls of sheet metal, laser cut, connected by a bent sheet, welded using a robotic system; the result is an extremely light and durable design.


Hydraulic safety when rotating with maximum pressure valve (hand protection in case of obstacles).

The new generation of TP brush cutters is designed to provide productivity and durability that exceed the standards of its category. The TP series models are available in 5.1 m, 6.1 and 6.6 m versions and offer a wide range of accessories and options that increase versatility and allow users to fully meet their work needs. Designed for farmers, midsize farms and local government maintenance crews, the new generation TP series hydraulic brush cutters are durable and reliable thanks to cast iron pumps and motors.

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