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Double-sided Toscano DPKC series shredder

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    Basic features:

    Tractor hitch CAT II bilateral;

    Drive through the shaft 3/8 ” Z6 on the angular reducer;

    Turnover of GDP 540 rpm;

    Gearbox with a rotor speed of 2,000 rpm

    Width of hammers – 120 mm

    Drive on the rotor through a 4-stream pass;

    Lubrication system at one point;

    Adjustable support skis

    Possibility of a complete set with a skating rink or protective chains

    Double-sided double chain protection against ejection of shredded material

    Reinforced support roller

    Working speed – from 500 m / h



    The TOSCANO mulcher of the DPKS series – is intended for crushing of bushes, trees, branches and growths to 40 cm on a chip without deepening in soil.

    If necessary, this machine can be used to mow the grass.

    This machine is designed to work with tractors of low power class – 70-110 hp.

    Due to its design, the cutter can be mounted on both the rear and front hitches of the tractor and performs high-quality grinding regardless of the direction of movement of the tractor.


    This mulcher is equipped with a rotor with movable hammers

    ITALIAN hoes

    Strong Italian hoes


    The rods located between the rotating blades provide more efficient forestry.


    The working depth is regulated by means of lateral sledges which are regulated by means of bolts.


    Provides a smooth surface and is regulated by means of bolts.


    The plates placed in front protect the forestry from possible blows.

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