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Disc pneumatic seeder of Toscano of the PEM-D series

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    Basic features:

    Universal 3-point system for CAT II attachment

    Vacuum drive via belt drive, 6-slot shaft and cardan 3/8 ” z6

    Decomposition of markers hydraulically

    Double mechanism of protection against twins

    Electronic control and accounting of seeding through photocells in the seeding machine and the monitor in the tractor cab

    Distance between sections – 70 cm (changeable)

    Required tractor power: from 80 hp (optimally – 110 hp)

    Seed tank capacity: 36 l * 8 boxes

    Weight of the tank for fertilizers: 160 l x 2 pieces, or max. 300 l x 2 pcs.

    Diameter of a sowing disk: Ø 374 mm

    Spring-loaded type V wheel

    Vacuum gauge


    The TOSCANO PEM-D-08 series pneumatic precision seed drill sows seeds in the set parameters to the set depth without doubling in any soil conditions. It allows you to work with seeds that require special sowing conditions, such as sunflower, corn, cotton, beets, soybeans, beans, chickpeas, pumpkin, etc.

    The parallelogram system allows to keep each sowing section in vertical position irrespective of a relief of a field

    The drill has a two-disc coulter both on the seed drill and on the application of fertilizers. Slit knife allows you to sow in unprepared soil with lots of plant debris.

    V-shaped rubber wheels provide quality rolling and soil compaction after sowing.

    The rubber wheels of the sowing section provide a given depth of seed placement.

    Thanks to the 12-speed gearbox, optimal seeding adjustment is possible.

    The row spacing is mechanically adjustable.

    Fertilizer coulters are offset by 4 cm relative to the main sowing machine to avoid chemical seed burns.

    Control of seed sowing at the expense of the computer and system of photocells in each sowing device.

    The sowing machine has a double protection system against twins, an inspection window and a cover for unloading seeds from the sowing machine.



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