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Cicoria small baler baler

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    Features of the Cicoria small baler baler


    Italian manufacturer Cicoria offers the widest range of small baler balers to meet the different requirements of farmers. The Cicoria small baler is designed for the selection and pressing into small bales of up to 50 kg of straw and crop residues from various crops, such as corn, sunflower, rapeseed, peas and others.


    The competitive advantage of this series is that knitting can be done not only with twine but also with wire, which is especially true for farms with a large number of rodents and under long-term storage conditions.

    The wide-reaching pick-up to 3 m with system of crushing of straw gives the chance to select two rolls at the same time and to make the most dense bale.

    These machines are popular on farms with developed livestock.

    Cicoria balers have a number of competitive advantages

    Long stroke of the piston – 71-75 cm, which allows you to make denser bales
    Density control from 4 directions in the output chamber
    Large flywheel and heavy counterweight allows stable pressing under different conditions
    Long unloading chamber with the possibility of unloading into the trailer (optional)
    Large opening of the loading chamber 1 900 cm.sq. allows you to take a large mass of straw at the same time
    Loading the camera with two loading forks
    Belt pick-up
    Large output chamber 470-490 x 370 cm
    2 knitting mechanisms
    Protection system – flywheel, feeder forks, knitting mechanism


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