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Box portable for the tool metal red 470x220x260 mm

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The portable metal tool box 470x220x260mm is a classic suitcase for storing and transporting professional hand tools and tools. The product is intended for car service, but is popular with motorists and builders.
The metal construction of the suitcase type provides a separate mechanism with containers for storing tools or parts. That is, when opened, the portable box turns into a rack, where all the tools are placed under its shelves. This solution makes it easier to find wrenches, screwdrivers and other accessories for the locksmith. The rigidity of the metal structure is enough to withstand physical damage. When falling, the hand tool laid out on the shelves does not move.

The portable tool box is made of alloy steel and covered with a protective layer of paint, which eliminates the formation of rust or scratches. The round handle is pleasant to the touch and provides comfort when carrying. On the upper leaves of the box there are two adjacent holes for installing a padlock.

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