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Portable metal crate 470x220x260 mm

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Portable tool box 470x220x260mm – a classic bag for storing and transporting professional hand tools and supplies. A variety of appointments for a car service, but also to be tested by car enthusiasts and buddies.
The metal construction of a bag type can be used on a separate mechanism with containers for storing tools and parts. So, when you open the portable box, it turns into a rack, de the whole tool of dressing under the yogo shelves. So the solution is easier to find keys, twists and other accessories for the slyusar. The hardness of the metal construction is enough to show physical comfort. When falling, laying on the floor, a hand tool does not collapse.

A portable box for cooking tools made of alloyed steel and covered with a farby ball, which includes the decoration of an irzh or a podryapin. The rounded handle is adopted for the dotik and ensures comfort during portability. On the upper chairs of the drawer there are two bags open, which are used for installing a padlock.

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