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Basak BTH 835 telescopic loader

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    Technical parameters of the telescopic loader Basak ST 8.35

    BASAK telescopic handlers of the VTN 835 series are optimal machines in the 8-meter range for use in heavy work indoors and in the field, are characterized by small size and maneuverability. Such as working with grain in warehouses, loading grain trucks, working with sugar beet manure piles in manure storages.


    Complete set

    Airtight cabin with heating and air conditioning.

    Rear view mirrors, efficient lighting system (front and rear);

    Two additional hydraulic outlets on the boom;

    Audible alarm during reversing;

    Pallet forks;

    Reverse system for cleaning the radiator from dirt;

    Trailer hitch

    Audio system

    Engine and checkpoint

    Four-stroke, turbocharged, in-line diesel engine Perkins, volume 4500 cc. develops a power of 100 hp and allows you to work in speeds up to 40 km / h. The resource of this engine reaches 13-15 thousand motor hours

    Transmission – automatic hydrostatic and pump with variable hydraulic flow.


    Large comfortable cabin.
    Hydrostatic transmission can significantly increase the productivity and reliability of work in difficult conditions.
    Joystick 3 in 1 together with axial-piston hydraulic pump, increases the productivity of the machine by 20-30%.
    The cyclone-type air filter allows the machine to run smoothly in conditions of high pollution.
    Reverse cooling radiator cleaning system
    Boom overload alarm system
    3 wheel position adjustment systems
    Multifunctional instrument panel with emergency hydraulics shut-off button.
    Perkins Euro III engine – easy to operate and repair – optimally suited to domestic fuel
    Fuel filtration with a filter-separator will ensure the longevity of the fuel system and engine.
    20 “tires allow you to work stably in off-road conditions and in confined spaces.
    All elements of the hydraulic system are protected to prevent damage.
    Ease of access to all elements of the engine compartment ensures simplicity and quality of service.
    Protection of a roof of a cabin against falling of objects – a metal lattice
    Ergonomic operator seat with armrest.
    Rexroth and Dana transmissions are reliable and productive.



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