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Basak 5120 Red Power tractor (116 hp)

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    Complete set of Basak 5120 RED Power tractor:

    • Engine DEUTZ TCD3.6 – 4-cylinder, turbocharged with intercooler, volume 3.6 liters with 116 hp
    • ZF Power-Shuttle transmission and axles. 36 x 36 with electro-hydraulic reverse and 3-speed torque multiplier
    • Ergonomic cab with extra assistant seat
    • Climate control
    • Multifunction joystick
    • Compressor
    • 3 pairs of hydraulic outlets
    • 5,500 kg – load capacity of the rear hitch
    • Floating hitch position
    • Direct flow with direct discharge into the hydraulic tank
    • GDP – 540 / 540E / 1000 / 1000E rpm
    • External attachment control
    • 1-way and 2-circuit pneumatic trailer brakes
    • Trailer Exits
    • LED front, rear lighting
    • Front 530 kg and wheel balance 280 kg counterweight
    • Two types of trailers
    • Front cushioned fenders

    Tractor Basak 5120 RED Power – the best machine in a number of machines with power up to 120 hp It is designed to perform field and transport work with various types of attachments and trailers in farms of different sizes – from farmers to holdings.

    The Basak 5120 RED Power tractor is the flagship model of the Basak plant


    Advantages of the Basak 5120 RED Power tractor

    Reliable and durable DEUTZ engine
    ZF Power-Shuttle transmission
    Spacious cab with extra seating for assistant and climate control
    Low fuel consumption and low operating costs
    Multifunction joystick
    Adjustable steering column Powerful rear hitch. When the weight of the tractor is 5,500 kg, the load capacity of the rear hitch is 5,500 kg
    Electro-hydraulic rear hitch lift (EHR)
    Exits of brake system on the trailer
    External adjustment of the hitch from the tractor wing
    The compressor in the base allows you to service the tractor and other equipment in the field
    3 pairs of hydraulic outlets. GDP – 540 / 540E / 1000 / 1000E rpm. Direct flow. The floating position of the hitch allows you to work with all types of attachments and trailers
    Additional front and rear lighting – LED
    Track change for production needs
    Possibility to load the tractor with front and wheel counterweights
    Quick and efficient adjustment of the upper link of the rear hitch from the tractor cab
    Ability to install a front three-point hitch with a GDP of 1000 rpm


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