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Basak 2110 S tractor (110 hp)

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    The tractor is equipped with a 4-cylinder turbocharged 4.4-liter engine with 110 horsepower, which is its strength and makes it economical and reliable. The tractor is also equipped with a 24×24 gearbox with synchronized gears and a reduction gear. Operating costs are minimized due to low fuel consumption, available spare parts and simple maintenance.

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    It is a universal plow all-wheel drive tractor (has a wheel formula “4 × 4”), which is designed to perform various types of agricultural, municipal and other types of work using attachments, trailers and semi-mounted equipment, as well as transport operations.

    It is able to function even in difficult soil and climatic conditions.

    The machine is capable of towing trailers (with brakes), the gross weight of which can reach 12,000 kg, and the load capacity of the rear attachment on the suspension axle is 4200 kg.

    The following are used on the tractor:

    steering mechanism with hydromechanical control amplifier,
    disc brakes on all wheels with separate control on the rear axle,
    three-point hydraulic suspension system (at the rear)


    This model is analogous to the MTZ-1025 Belarus tractor.


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