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turkish company
the company produces modern

agricultural machinery

Toscano was founded in 1995 in Eskisehir, Turkey by its current CEO, Rushen Dundar. The Toscano brand produces modern agricultural machinery and offers a wide range of warranty service.

For decades, Toscano has been offering the world’s most efficient solutions to farmers, including:

power harrows,
deep rippers,
disc harrows,
rotary cultivators,
sowing machines.

Toscano is a leading brand of agricultural machinery due to its production facilities, innovative processes and a wide range of services.

Extensive opportunities and innovations are the most important factors in the success of Toscano. Since its inception, Toscano has been producing a wide range of equipment. For more than a quarter of a century, the Toscano team has been researching and implementing the most effective solutions to meet customer needs. Each variant of the technique underwent large-scale testing in the fields of Tuscany. This approach allows the manufacturer to offer the most efficient solutions and machines with maximum performance.

Today, the Toscano brand is widely recognized by global farmers on 5 continents and has earned their trust. Our teams are constantly looking for more effective solutions for us and future generations.

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