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peat extraction equipment and cultivators

Suokone Ltd has been manufacturing machinery since 1971. Specializes in the production of peat extraction equipment and cultivators for clearing areas.

The invention of the company’s founder Reino Merillainen, namely a two-sided ditch digger for peat extraction, was chosen as the basis for choosing the company’s specialization.

Suokone has become an innovator in its field due to its objective approach to work and constant desire to improve its products. Today, Suokone produces machinery for all stages of peat production: from clearing wetlands to the production of lump and milling peat.

In the 1990s, another successful product appeared in the line of peat extraction equipment – a rotary cutter. The production of this multifunctional equipment allowed Suokone to enter the world market. Today, Suokone technology operates on all continents: the company’s products are regularly delivered to more than 20 countries.

When creating new products, the company focuses on the needs of its customers, and in tandem with partners, new ideas and, accordingly, technology are born.

For more than 3 decades, Suokone has earned a reputation as one of the most solvent in the industry. The desire to continue the family business based on professionals in their field guarantees the success of Suokone in the future.

Suokone produces a wide range of products that require regular maintenance and upgrades, as operating conditions and requirements are constantly changing.

Design engineers use the best software and hardware to design.

The main products of Suokone include:

Mills (mulchers) for clearing of the territory
Screw trenchers
Screw profilers
Rotary cutters for clearing roads


The production of Suokone Ltd is characterized by its versatility, technological stages include:

1 – preliminary preparation of the alloy,

2 – machining,

3 – welding work,

4 – assembly and painting.

Rippers mounted on tractors and hydraulic transport equipment are a reliable, efficient and economical solution for professional operation and various types of clearing work. Due to the excellent engineering and design characteristics, leavening agents are effectively used both for ground work and for soil milling.

Standard areas of application: clearing of forest areas under arable land, clearing of forest areas after felling, construction and clearing of service roads, clearing and removal of vegetation on construction and other sites, removal of stumps, milling of ice and frozen soil.


The company’s activities are based on the ability to assess and meet the current and future needs of its customers. Suokone specialists monitor the customer’s level of satisfaction by being in close contact with him and conducting regular surveys. All reviews are used to improve production processes. The solution of strategic tasks set by the company’s management is supported by the achievement of accurate quantitative indicators related to product quality and environmental protection.

Management of enterprise activities and relevant resources is implemented as process management. Tracking, understanding, proper organization and continuous improvement of interconnected processes can increase the efficiency of the company and achieve its goals by making decisions based on facts. Relationships with suppliers are based on mutual benefit.

Suokone Oy takes effective and practical measures to protect the environment, allocating reasonable funds. Reasonable use of materials can reduce waste and scrap. Chemicals whose impact on the environment is the least significant are selected for production. Energy is used efficiently and economically, emissions and waste are minimized.

The quality and environmental policy is implemented in all areas of Suokone’s business. The company complies with all provisions and norms of environmental legislation.


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Suokone tractor rippers are a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for professional operation and various road works. Due to the excellent engineering and design characteristics, the technique is effective for ground work and for soil milling.

For most models of equipment there is a possibility of constant upgrade to the latest versions. This significantly increases the utilization rate and increases the value of the equipment in case of resale.

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