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Canadian company
became the first product

snow blower with front support

Schulte Industries dates back to 1910, when the Schulte family acquired a blacksmith shop. All efforts were focused on the basic satisfaction of the customer base, which allowed to expand its activities from the production of equipment for cutting and cleaning brushes to the design and construction of its first snow blower with front support.

One of Schulte’s most famous products was the conveyor-type combine, which is still being built in a larger and more powerful version with the RS320 Jumbo hydraulic drive.

Later, Schulte began full-scale production of stone harvesters, front rotary snow blowers and hydraulic scrapers. Thanks to the quality and power of Schulte equipment, exports quickly became and remain the basis of the company’s success and growth.

In general, produces about…. Models of technology, among which

rotary mowers
snow removal equipment
stone pickers
roller mowers and
stone removal equipment
disc harrows
adjustable tillage units

Schulte’s mission

Be the best choice for customers, giving them the most pleasant experience of ownership through world-class products, services, quality and innovation of our employees.

Quality, value and trust are the main targets of Schulte’s business worldwide.

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