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agricultural machinery

Kubota has been manufacturing agricultural machinery since 1960. The direction was opened with the development of the first Japanese tractors for working in dry fields, as well as the production and sale of motor cultivators, while solving problems such as post-war food shortages and reducing the number of farmers during high economic growth.

The Kubota brand is working to further promote the use of intelligent agriculture to ensure excessive labor economy and higher quality production.

Today, Kubota offers a full range of products from small to large tractors for a variety of applications and scales. In addition, the Kubota attachment is designed for plowing, harrowing and many other tasks. Kubota’s high level of productivity and reliability has helped the company gain a strong reputation in the world.

The Kubota range includes a full range of tractors. Compact municipal tractors used in everyday life, agriculture and industry are characterized by power and productivity. Agricultural tractors retain the characteristics and maneuverability of compact tractors, while they are able to cope with the heavy traction work required on farms.

The company plans to establish the production of larger equipment in the near future, starting with the new M7 series for large-scale commodity agriculture. Opening new horizons for large-scale commercial agriculture, Kubota adheres to its research and development commitments, focusing primarily on the needs of the industry.

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