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Taiwanese manufacturer
main specialization

production of hand tools

KING TONY TOOLS Co., Ltd. was founded. in 1917 to provide forging and stamping services for the production of hand tools.

Over the years of its activity and in order to adapt to the market, KING TONY has grown into one of the leaders in the production of auto metalwork tools.

KING TONY product range of high quality, which is designed for car repair, production, repair and maintenance workshops .:

Pneumatic tool for HUNDRED
Garage equipment
Hydraulic equipment
Universal tool kits

Based on quality, the King Tony brand competes freely in the market with other manufacturers of hand tools. The secret of success is alloy tool steel, which is used to create tools, accessories and additional equipment. Physico-chemical properties of the metal, as well as the composition specified in the quality certificate, which accompanies the product. After testing, the buyer will make sure that the characteristics stated by the manufacturer are true. This is how the King Tony brand is trusted.

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