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Canadian company
the company owns the idea

introduction of innovative self-lubricating bearings

Kello-Bilt was founded in 1950 as a gravel and concrete crushing plant.

Subsequently, the services provided by the company required an expansion of the material base, because the equipment used by the company was not enough for wide coverage. The company decided to produce its disks on a permanent basis, but, realizing that the existing plant was not suitable for workload management, in 1971 a new production plant with an area of ​​8,000 square meters was built. Feet.

The Kello-Bilt company has the idea of ​​introducing innovative self-lubricating bearings in the oil bath. These bearings were first introduced in Western Canada in 1982 and were completely new to the market, far surpassing traditional lubricated bearings.

Since then, the company’s range has expanded significantly and is at least a few dozen items:

Offset disks
Tandem discs
Disc rippers

The company has established itself as a guarantor of durability of products that withstand the harshest weather conditions. Production facilities and constant innovative solutions position the company as a reliable partner.

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