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One of the activities of LANDTECHNIC






FOR details we USE

plastic Mitsubishi

Dumps for plows are made of Tekron plastic – a high-strength composite material, which is characterized by high impact resistance, which has the ability to retain its properties at low temperatures.

One of the activities of our company – the manufacture of parts and spare parts for friction and rotation.

Modern polymer antifriction materials are used for the production of parts – caprolon, polyamide, fluoroplastic, plastic, which are characterized by high wear resistance and are close to metals in their mechanical properties.

The company successfully performs work on precision machining of any degree of complexity.

Terms of production from 2 to 14 working days

Products we offer to pay attention to:

Overlays from composite material on the auger, as restoration or as protection of the new auger
Protect the bottom of the reaper with advanced materials.
Spare parts for the combine, chain guide, pulleys.

We recommend abandoning steel dumps, field boards and using Tekrone high-strength composite implements for tillage for the following reasons:

fuel savings of 2-5 liters per hectare: achieved by a 2-fold reduction in the friction of the Tekrone implements, compared to the steel parts of the plow.
wear resistance of working bodies with Tekrone is 2 times longer, than at steel, at the same durability.
complete lack of adhesion, as a consequence, zero sticking when plowing moist soils.

There is no need to clean the plow, which significantly increases productivity and saves time.

Tekrone products are made for all types of plows in exact accordance with the planting holes and are installed in the usual way.

For advice on materials, the possibility of manufacturing and calculating the service, you can contact the managers of “Landtechnik”

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